Topping Designs

fashion for all women

The designer, Duane Topping, retired from the US Army in 2012.  In his search to find the light in the darkness of PTSD, he discovered sewing.  His clothing tells that story.  With the help of his wife, Jamie, Topping Designs has evolved to help tell the story of others who struggle.  

​About Us

"I found peace in the creative process, and if nothing else, it has taught me you don't have to dwell on labels, and hide your true self."

Duane Topping, TEDx Milehigh: Uncommon

"My garments are dead fabric, and it is the people who wear them that breath life into them."

Duane Topping

We are not like anyone else!  We stand firm on an ideology with its foundation in feminism, and acceptance.  Beauty is in everyone and does not have a standard.