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Scars Fashion Show of Hope.  Come support us as we walk in support of women who have struggled with eating Disorders, Self-Harm and Suicide. Tickets.

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let us help you break through barriers.

New York Fashion Week. ​ The rumors are true!  We will be in New York Fashion Week with a number of fantastic Denver models.  Stay connected for more details. NYFW

Denver fashion week 2017

Fashion Pashionista by B.B.Lex Productions.  A multicultural expression of the Arts that benefits The Denver Children's Home. More Info Here

not your typical designer

Check the gorgeous display of diversity in Denver.  High Fashion Meets the street and draws a crowd!


I am a biker. 

I was a soldier.  

I am a feminist. 

Now, I am a Fashion Designer


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From the runway at 303Magazine's Denver Fashion Week, a different idea of what your clothes could say about you.

realizing all women have power

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spring / summer 2017

Not the typical fashion designer. 

let's break boundaries together!

come see the nyfw line at Denver's unique week of fashion!

Tickets Here! use promo code: duane.

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A new perspective on where beauty can be found.  Embracing the uniqueness of all women and proving there is no standard.  Glamour is everywhere.





There is elegance in all shapes.  To have grace and refinement doesn't mean staying in the box.  The allure of feminine artistry is in diversity.


To see more looks or purchase our designs, browse our 2017 Looks.

Denver's Unique Week of Fashion NFL VIP. Come support us as we feature in his years Fall DUWF NFL VIP night in support of Mental Health. Use Promo Code Duanefor $5 off your tickets Here.